Instructions for Xbox One and One S

Installing the HDHomeRun App

  • Download and install the “HDHomeRun” client app from the Windows App Store on your Xbox.

Using the HDHomeRun App

  • Launch the HDHomeRun app to start watching TV
  • Use an up or down arrow on the D pad game controller or remote to bring up the action bar [bottom of screen] and guide [called Channel Slice on the right]
  • Channel Slice – a numerical ordered list of current shows. When opened a channel will be highlighted in green. Use the up/down arrows of a keyboard, remote control D pad to see other channels shows. Drag the channel to the left to reveal the next show or use a right arrow. Selecting a channel will open the channel or highlighting it and pressing Enter/OK.  Non-DVR subscribers will have access to 24 hours of guide data. Entering number via Remote control and pressing Enter/OK will open that channel also.
  • Action Bar – The action bar has, starting from the left: down and up audio buttons, << [back 10 seconds], pause[/play], description [expanded description option] , >> [forward 30 seconds], SAP [stereo/5.1], CC [closed caption – which is automatic on mute], <> [zoom], [one box overlaps another] Full screen/window. Selecting on one does the action or highlighting the action and pressing Enter/OK on D pad.
  • Highlighting the current playing show and hitting Enter/OK the action bar and slices will close. You can also use Esc or return/exit with a remote.
  • Live TV time – with a remote or game controller use the left arrow to go back 10 seconds and right arrow to go forward 30 seconds. Select the play/pause icon to play or pause.

Action Bar and Remote:

  1. Left: ~10 second rewind
  2. Down: on your remote will rewind 10 mins
  3. Play/Pause: or use enter on the remote to play/pause
  4. Right: ~30 second seek forward
  5. Up: on your remote will seek forward 10 mins
  6. SAP: Secondary audio programming
  7. CC: Closed  caption
  8. Zoom
  9. Record 
  10. DVR menu: or use the back button on the remote

Adding HDHomeRun Premium TV

To set up HDHomeRun Premium TV, visit our Premium TV instructions.

DVR Subscribers

Purchase the HDHomeRun DVR from the Silicondust shop site. The HDHomeRun DVR supports current generation HDHomeRun tuners. Multiple HDHomeRun tuners are supported, signal types can also be mixed (for example, OTA + CABLE)