Step 1 – Antenna

Connect your antenna (sold separately) to the antenna socket on the back of your HDHomeRun device using the coaxial cable supplied.

Phew. Step 1 complete. You now have a TV signal

Step 2 – Router

Connect your HDHomeRun device to your router using the ethernet cable provided. The LED should glow solid GREEN and your device is ready to go.

Almost there. Step 2 complete.

Step 3 - Our Live TV app

Download and install the Media Player app from the PlayStation Store. Launch the Media Player app and select HDHomeRun DMS under the list of servers, then either Channels or Favorites, then the channel you wish to view. If you haven’t done so already, go to, click the channels link and run a channel scan. Make sure you have the latest HDHomeRun Software installed (this will also update the firmware on your HDHomeRun)

Yay. And you're done.