Instructions for OSX

Supported hardware

HDHomeRun Connect HDHomeRun Extend HDHomeRun Prime

HDHomeRun Software

  • Download and install the HDHomeRun software
  • If you haven’t done so already, run a channel scan from the HDHomeRun Device Webpage
  • Launch the HDHomeRun app from your apps directory

DVR Subscribers

  • Purchase an HDHomeRun DVR subscription from the Silicondust Shop site. DVR subscriptions support current generation HDHomeRun tuners, subscriptions are based on per household. Multiple HDHomeRun tuners are supported, signal types can also be mixed (for example, OTA + CABLE)
  • You will be emailed a purchase receipt with an activation code and link to activate your HDHomeRun. If you’re having problems activating your HDHomeRun try a different browser, recommend Chrome or Firefox
  • Set recordings to a Mac PC – at install the HDHomeRun software¬†will ask if you wish to install HDHomeRun Record. If saving to your Mac PC, please enable it
  • Set recordings to a NAS – see NAS Setup instructions

Using the HDHomeRun App

  • Launch the HDHomeRun app to start watching TV
  • Click or tap on the screen to bring up the user interface
  • Channel Slice – select a channel on the channel list, use the left/right arrows or drag the channel to the left to enable Channel Slice. Non-DVR subscribers will have access to 4 hours of guide data. DVR subscribers will have access to 14 days.
  • DVR Subscribers – click the menu icon on the far right of the on-screen-display (or press Escape) to get to the DVR main menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Pause: space bar
  2. Left arrow: ~10 second rewind
  3. Right arrow: ~30 second seek forward
  4. Up arrow: 10 minute forward
  5. Down arrow: 10 minute rewind
  6. ESC: access DVR main menu
  7. If your keyboard has dedicated multimedia keys, these will also work