Instructions for Windows DVR

Supported hardware

HDHomeRun Connect HDHomeRun Extend HDHomeRun Prime HDHomeRun Duo HDHomeRun Quatro


  1. HDHomeRun DVR subscription
  3. Windows 10 preferred. Windows 7 and 8.1 can make and serve recordings to other clients.
  4. Sufficient disk space to hold recordings. HD content typically runs around 6GB per hour. HDHomeRun Premium TV content typically runs around 1GB per hour.
  5. PC must be on at all times in order to make recordings or access previously recorded content. Sleep mode should be disabled.
  6. Whatever PC is being used for recordings should be physically connected to the network via Ethernet. Wifi is fine for client devices.

Before You Get Started – Activating Subscription

You need to activate your DVR software, if you haven’t already done so. Visit the Shop. Purchase the DVR Activation. When you get your receipt titled “Your SiliconDust SHOP order receipt,” it will include a link to activate your DVR. Click that link. Fill in the email address and activation code also found in your receipt. You do not need to activate more than once per household.

If you need to re-activate, search your email for “Your SiliconDust SHOP order receipt” which will include any necessary links and codes.

Getting Setup

1) Download the HDHomeRun Software

  • Download and install the HDHomeRun DVR software
  • If you also want to watch Live TV and playback video on your Windows machine, download and install the HDHomeRun app from the Windows App Store on your PC, .

2) Install the Software

Run the program you downloaded in the previous step. At the end of the installation wizard, the HDHomeRun Setup program will open. If you need to change the DVR settings in the future, you can find the HDHomeRun Setup program on your Start menu in the HDHomeRun folder.

3) Enable the DVR

Click on the DVR tab in HDHomeRun Setup. Check the “Use this PC for making recordings” box.

By default, the DVR will record to the public Recorded TV folder on the C drive. If you have another location you would prefer to record to, click the … button and select that preferred location.

Click OK to enable the DVR and close the HDHomeRun Setup program.

4) Verify the DVR is active

Go to http:/ and verify that HDHomeRun RECORD shows in a box at the top of the page.


DVR record engine is not showing up in the app when both are on the same PC:

By default, Windows 10 blocks Windows Store apps from communicating with other apps/services on the same PC. This can prevent the Windows 10 app from finding a DVR running on the same PC. The HDHomeRun installer changes a setting that should bypass this issue. Should you find that you can access the DVR from other devices but not from the Windows 10 PC it is running on, do the following:

  1. Right click on your Start menu icon and choose Windows PowerShell (Administrator) or Command Prompt (Admin)
  2. Run the following command:
    CheckNetIsolation LoopbackExempt -a -n="ef712ba7.hdhomerundvr_23nna27hyxhag"

DVR not accessible from Windows 7/8.1 app

The HDHomeRun app for Windows 7 and 8.1 does not support the DVR. Use Kodi with the HDHomeRun add-on instead.

Use of 3rd Party Firewall/Security software may cause problems.

3rd party anti-virus software should not be used on the PC being used for recordings. It impedes performance and can block necessary network traffic. Native Windows software is sufficient.

Using the HDHomeRun App

  • Launch the HDHomeRun app to start watching TV (if you are on Windows 7 or 8.1 you can use your machine to save recordings; for playback you will need to install Kodi as a software client).
  • Click or tap on the screen to bring up the user interface
  • Channel Slice – select a channel on the channel list, use the left/right arrows or drag the channel to the left to enable Channel Slice. DVR users will have access to 14 days.
  • DVR Users – click the DVR Menu icon on the far right of the on-screen-display (or press Escape) to get to the DVR main menu.

Action Bar and Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. Left or Left arrow key : ~10 second rewind
  2. Down arrow key: rewind 10 mins
  3. Play/Pause: or space bar
  4. Right or Right arrow key: ~30 second seek forward
  5. Up arrow key: seek forward 10 mins
  6. SAP: Secondary audio programming
  7. CC: Closed  caption (subtitles)
  8. Zoom
  9. Record
  10. DVR menu: or ESC key
  11. If your keyboard has dedicated multimedia keys, these will also work