Step 1 – Set up your HDHomeRun tuner

Your new HDHomeRun SERVIO is your storage device for your recordings. It does NOT have a tuner.

To watch and schedule live TV you’ll need one of our family of tuner products, such as the CONNECT Duo/Quatro, SCRIBE Duo/Quatro, EXPAND or PRIME.

Please have one of these devices set up, so you can use your HDHomeRun SERVIO.

Step 1 complete. Now set up your SERVIO

Step 2 – Connect your SERVIO to your existing router

Connect your HDHomeRun SERVIO to your router using the ethernet cable provided. The LED should glow solid GREEN and your device is ready to go.

Your DVR service is activited automatically, so that’s it. You’re done.

Your SERVIO is now ready to use

Step 3 - Our Live TV app

All you have to do is now is download our Free app (available from the app stores) onto your devices to watch and schedule Live TV, and record all your favorite programs.  

Yay. And you're done.