Instructions for Premium TV

Supported hardware

HDHomeRun Connect HDHomeRun Extend HDHomeRun Duo HDHomeRun Quatro

Premium TV Setup Instructions

  • If you haven’t already, purchase Premium TV Service Activation from our Shop. If you have used the shop before, please log in, otherwise you will be prompted to create a password during checkout.
  • On the order confirmation pageĀ and order email there will be a link to associate your HDHomeRun with your account – click this link, check your HDHomeRun devices are shown, then submit.
    1. Note – this association is the same as the DVR if you have DVR service. We increased the length of the activation code so this new code replaces any old activation codes you have.
  • Power cycle your HDHomeRun devices so they pick up the new channel lineup. You can verify via
  • If you use the HDHomeRun DVR you should restart the record engine so it picks up the new channel lineup immediately.