Instructions for HDHomeRun VIEW

Supported Hardware

  • HDHomeRun PRIME (HDHR3-CC)
  • HDHomeRun EXPAND (HDHR3-4DC)

HDHomeRun VIEW Installation

HDHomeRun VIEW is installed automatically when you install the HDHomeRun software for Windows or Mac.

HDHomeRun VIEW is available for Android from Google Play or the Amazon Appstore.

HDHomeRun VIEW Usage

Launch the HDHomeRun VIEW application. It should start playing live TV automatically.

Click anywhere, tap the screen, press space/up/down, or start typing a search term to bring up the channel list.

You can search by channel number, channel name, or the name of a show currently airing. To seach simply type the seach term or tap the magnifying glass to enter a search term. The channel list will narrow down to show matches.

To zoom the video to fill the screen, bring up the interface and tap the [><] button.

To adjust the volume, bring up the interface and tap the - or + button, or use the volume control on the device itself.

To adjust the backlight brightness, bring up the interface and tap the brightness up/down buttons (not available on all devices).

Android: To exit the app, swipe from the right side of the screen towards the center, tap the Back button, then Exit.