Instructions for HDHomeRun PRIME


Ensure that you have the latest drivers for your video card installed. Video card drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website:

Hardware Connection

  1. Connect your cable connection to the F connector on the HDHomeRun PRIME, using a splitter if necessary
  2. If your cable provider uses switched digital video and has provided you with a tuning adapter, use a splitter it connect both it and the HDHomeRun to the incoming coax line, and then plug the power in. Once it finishes booting, connect the USB cable to the HDHomerun PRIME.
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable between the HDHomeRun PRIME and your switch or router
  4. Insert the CableCARD provided by your cable provider. The colored label should be facing up, and the 68 pin connector will go in to the HDHomeRun. For standard Motorola and Cisco cards, approximately half an inch of the card will remain outside of the HDHomeRun when fully inserted.
  5. Connect the power cable to the power outlet and the HDHomeRun

HDHomeRun Windows Software Installation and CableCARD Configuration

  1. Download and install the latest HDHomeRun software from downloads.
  2. Open HDHomeRun Setup
  3. On the Location tab, set the Country and Zip/Postal Code
  4. On the Applications tab, set the Main Application to Windows Media Center
  5. On the Tuners tab, set the Signal Source to CableCARD for each of your HDHomeRun PRIME tuners.
  6. On the Tuners tab in HDHomeRun Setup, click on one of the Tuner IDs to access your HDHomeRun PRIME's webpage. This can also be done by clicking the link on the Device tab in HDHomeRun Config GUI, or by directly navigating to the IP address of your HDHomeRun.
  7. Click on CableCARD Menu. In the CableCARD Status section, you will see the current status of the CableCARD in your HDHomeRun PRIME. Verify that Card Authentication and Card OOB Lock show success. If Card OOB Lock does not show success, this suggests that your HDHomeRun PRIME does not have a good cable connection. Verify that the TV cable is securely connected to the RF in port on your HDHomeRun PRIME and to the wall outlet or splitter.
  8. Follow your cable provider's directions for validating your CableCARD. This normally involves calling the cable company or accessing a web page and providing the CableCARD ID and Host ID (and if using a Motorola CableCARD, the Data number) listed on this page. The validation process can take anywhere from 1-30 minutes depending on the cable provider. Refresh the Status page every few minutes to check to see if the process is complete, indicated by the Card Validation status showing success.
  9. On the CableCARD tab, click Scan to run a channel scan to determine which channels are available to you.

Setting Favorite Channels

  1. On the Tuners tab in HDHomeRun Setup, click on one of the tuner numbers. This will take you to the HDHomeRun PRIME's web page.
  2. Click on Channel Lineup
  3. Click the star next to each channel to mark it as a Favorite