Instructions for MythTV


HDHomeRun Firmware

  1. Download and install the latest libhdhomerun and HDHomeRun Config (GTK) from downloads
  2. Open HDHomeRun Config GUI and click on the Upgrade tab.
  3. Check the latest firmware from downloads. If the HDHomeRun is already running the latest version, skip to MythTV. If not, download the appropriate file for your HDHomeRun model.
  4. Upgrade the firmware by browsing to the downloaded firmware, then clicking the Upgrade button.


New instructions coming soon!

Please refer to the old instructions on the Ubuntu website.

LIRC (IR remote control support)

Older HDHR-US and HDHR-EU dual-tuner models include an IR receiver and can be used with LIRC.

Generating a configuration file

The LIRC website contains a number of user submitted configuration files, browsable as a directory or downloadable as a file. If you’re able to find a configuration file for your remote, save it as /etc/lirc/lircd.conf – or – If you’re unable to find a configuration file you can generate one with irrecord:

  1. Configure the HDHomeRun to send IR commands to LIRC:

    hdhomerun_config set /ir/target ":5000 no_clear"

    Note: You can save the IR target in flash using the command:

    hdhomerun_config <device id> set /ir/target "<port> store"

    The IR target can be cleared with:

    hdhomerun_config set /ir/target none
  2. Run irrecord in UDP mode, this will generate a configuration file in the current directory. (note: lircd must not be running)

    irrecord -H udp -d 5000 "<name of remote>"
  3. Copy the resulting configuration file to lircd.conf

    sudo mv "<name of remote>" /etc/lirc/lircd.conf

Running lircd

You will need to be running the lirc daemon (lircd) in order to use IR with your applications.

  1. Configure the HDHomeRun to send IR commands to LIRC:

    hdhomerun_config <device id> set /ir/target "<ip address>:5000 no_clear"
  2. Run lircd in UDP mode:

    lircd -H udp -d 5000
  3. Test with irw:



MythTV unable to find the HDHomeRun

If you are running a firewall then try temporally disabling it in order to test if it is blocking the HDHomeRun. If you have more than one network interface and MythTV cannot find the HDHomeRun then you need you to install a newer MythTV build from the 0.22-fixes branch.

Packet loss

On slower machines or machines under high load the maximum receive socket buffer size for the system should be increased to 1MB:

sysctl -w net.core.rmem_max=1048576