Instructions for Nvidia Shield

Supported hardware

HDHomeRun Connect HDHomeRun Extend HDHomeRun Prime HDHomeRun Duo HDHomeRun Quatro

HDHomeRun RECORD engine for Android

The HDHomeRun Android app supports both Viewing and Recording in a single app. In order to enable HDHomeRun Record users must be an HDHomeRun DVR subscriber and have compatible hardware.

The HDHomeRun RECORD engine does the recordings for the DVR – it should be installed on one box that is to be used for storing recordings. Typically this will be a NAS box or a PC. If you are using a NAS box or a PC for recordings do not install the record engine for Android, you should not enable DVR on the Android app. This is only if you do not have any other device handling recordings.

System requirements:

  • Nvidia Shield Console (16GB) and 500GB or larger hard drive formatted as exFAT (preferred) or NTFS
  • Nvidia Shield Console PRO (500GB)
  • Ethernet recommended.
  • USB 3.0 recommended if connecting an external USB hard drive. (note: HD content typically runs around 6GB per hour. HDHomeRun Premium TV usually runs about 1GB per hour.)

Nexus Player is not recommended (no Ethernet, no USB 3.0).
FireTV is not supported at this time (no exFAT/NTFS support).

Before you Get Started

You need to activate your DVR software, if you haven’t already done so. Visit the Shop. Purchase the DVR Activation. When you get your receipt, it will include a link to activate your DVR. Click that link. Fill in the email address and activation code also found in your receipt. You do not need to activate more than once per household.

If you need to re-activate, search your email for “Your SiliconDust SHOP order receipt” which will include any necessary links and codes.



  1. If you are using an external drive, attach it to the Android device and set as “Use as removable storage”
  2. Install the HDHomeRun app from the app store
  3. Open the HDHomeRun app
  4. Press the play/pause button on the game controller 13 times to access settings menu
  5. Select the DVR option and enable it
  6. Exit the app. Relaunch.


  • WARNING: Android will automatically delete your recordings if you use Android for recordings and you uninstall the HDHomeRun app. This is an Android policy and not under the control of Silicondust.
  • Access the settings menu to confirm Record Engine is running


Q: Can I set the USB hard drive as “internal storage”?
A: Yes, however the drive will be encrypted for that specific Shield. It will also be formatted as EXT4 and will not be readable by Windows

Q: Can I use a USB thumb drive or an SD card?
A: Not recommended. Flash storage frequently has very poor write speeds and may have unpredictable performance.

Q: Can I run an external USB on the Shield Pro? Which drive will it save to?
A: Yes, HDHomeRun Record will save to the external drive

Q: Will HDHomeRun RECORD wake the NVIDIA Shield Console for a scheduled recording?
A: Yes; however, if the Shield console is powered off it will not record.

Q: Will I be able to access recordings from the Shield console like I do now with my NAS (or my PC)?
A: Yes, you will be able to access recordings on your LAN as you do with your NAS (or PC).

Q: Can I run HDHomeRun RECORD and my NAS together?
A: No, the RECORD engine should be running on only one device.